Bad Habits That Lower Air Conditioner Efficiency


Do you want to increase your home's cooling costs? Although it might not be your goal, if you are engaging in certain practices, you are simultaneously decreasing your air conditioner's efficiency and driving up its operating costs. Learn about some of the common practices that can cause this sort of outcome.

Operating on an On/Off Cycle

Never operate an air conditioner on an on/off cycle. An example of this type of use cycle would include someone who turns off the cooling unit when they leave for work in the morning and then turns it down to its lowest setting when they return home in the evening. 

This practice puts an incredible amount of pressure on the unit, in that it has to work excessively hard to reach the temperature on the thermostat given how warm the air in the house likely is. The goal of this practice is to cut costs, but the rate at which the unit has to work will only drive up costs. 

Exposing the Condenser to the Sun

If the condenser exposed to large amounts of sun, you are engaging in a practice that is hurting the efficiency of your unit. The condenser intakes air from the outside and then cools it. The warmer the outside air, the more effort it takes to cool the air. Therefore, if you can cool the air around the condenser, the less effort it will take to cool the air.

If your unit is exposed to the sun, consider installing some shrubs or bushes around the unit to help lower the air temperature around the unit. Just make sure you do not install them too closely to the unit so that you do not restrict airflow.

Changing the Air Filter Occasionally

If changing the air filter inside your air conditioner is something you do whenever you get around to it, you should not be surprised that your cooling bills are increasing. The dirt, dust, and other particles that collect on air filters inhibit airflow. When a unit is not operating with a maximum level of airflow, it inhibits efficiency. 

Limited airflow means that there will be less cool air circulating through your home, which means that the unit will have to power on more often to maintain the temperature on the thermostat. Make it a practice to change the air filter often to maintain good airflow.

Fortunately, a change in habits can increase your air conditioner's efficiency and lower your costs. Speak with a professional who provides residential air conditioning services for more assistance about lowering your operating costs. 


17 June 2020

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