Tips To Help Get Your Heater Ready For Winter


Winter is just around the corner. The temperatures are going to begin to fall, and before you know it, you may need to turn on your home's heating device, such as the HVAC, heater, or furnace. While you may not yet be ready to use your heater, there are a few steps you can take now to ensure the heater is ready to go once it is cold out. Here are a few tips to help get your heater ready for winter. 

Adjust and Set Your Thermostats

One of the ways to prepare your heating system for the winter months is to adjust and set your thermostats. When it begins to get cold out, you do not want to have to fiddle with your thermostat or find an online tutorial to help you set it. Take the time to do that ahead of time so the unit kicks on and off at your desired temperature settings. 

Replace the Air Filters

Prior to winter, take the time to replace the air filters in your heating system, as well as any filters in your vents. It is also recommended that you remove dust build-up on your vents. Replacing the air filters helps to minimize the amount of dust that enters your home while also keeping dirt and dust out of your heater. 

Ensure the Unit Powers On

While you may not yet be ready to use your heater, you should attempt to turn it on to ensure it powers on. Let it cycle for about 15 minutes to ensure the unit is turning on and heating, and to ensure there are not any strange noises or problems with the unit. If your unit is not powering on or you hear strange noises, you have time to get the unit repaired prior to needing it. 

Visually Inspect Your Unit and Clean It

Finally, take the time to visually inspect your heating unit and to wipe it down to remove dirt and dust. Be on the lookout for dents, rust, bent fan blades, or loose parts and wires as you visually inspect your unit. Once again, call in a professional repair company if anything looks off to ensure your heater is ready to go once cold temperatures arrive. 

It is recommended that you have your heating device, such as your HVAC system, furnace, or heater, professionally inspected and cleaned one time per year. This can be done in the fall prior to using your unit or in the spring, after you have used your unit. If you have never had your unit professionally cleaned and inspected before, or if it has been awhile, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with a heating contractor. They can ensure your unit is ready to go this winter. Book your appointment today with companies like Air Pride Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.


2 September 2019

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