Just Get A New Furnace? Follow These Four Tips


If you have recently replaced your furnace, you're likely wondering what you can do to keep the unit in great shape. After all, you just spent a lot of money on this household appliance, and you want to prevent this from needing to be done again any time soon. Here are some tips for caring for your new furnace.

Get Annual Inspections

Many homeowners have the attitude of if it is not broken then there is no need to fix it. Unfortunately, neglecting maintenance of a furnace is what often leads to it breaking down prematurely. The last thing you want to happen is a furnace to malfunction in the middle of winter, which is why it is worth having an annual inspection done of the furnace prior to winter. The HVAC technician will be able to look for potential problems early on so that you are not without heat this winter.

Change The Filter

Make sure you know how often it is recommended to change the filter on your new furnace. Each furnace is different, and there is no point in changing a filter prematurely if it is not needed. Leaving a dirty filter in the furnace is going to restrict airflow and cause the air quality in your home to be poor, which are two things you likely do not want. It also puts more wear and tear on the unit, causing it to break down prematurely.

Learn Basic Troubleshooting

There are some things that can go wrong with a furnace that you don't need a professional to fix, which is why it helps to know basic troubleshooting techniques. For example, learn how to check if the furnace's pilot light is working, and how to light it again if it goes out. Know what circuit breaker the furnace is connected to, and how that can affect your heat. Understanding the basics can help get your heat working right away when it stops.

Know The Bad Sounds

Furnaces can make many different sounds, but some of them are a reason to be concerned. For example, a loud bang is due to gas building up before it combusts to start the furnace. Metal rubbing sounds are due to problems with the blower fan. Rattling often happens due to loose parts. If you know what sounds are not good, you can quickly identify a problem and have it fixed.

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10 April 2019

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