Reasons Why You Should Have Spring Maintenance On Your AC When It's Already Had Fall Maintenance


What is it with people who have maintenance on their air conditioners twice a year? Fall is good enough for maintenance, right? Actually, considering the harsh winter that most of the states have experienced this year, spring maintenance following fall maintenance is not such a bad idea. Here is why.

​You Prepared the Air Conditioner for Winter, Not for the Arctic

​If you think about it, most air conditioning systems can survive a standard winter. However, they are not designed to operate in the Arctic, nor are they designed to withstand soap-bubble-freezing, boiling-water-to-fog-transforming cold. A very large number of states this year experienced temperatures that made the Arctic look like summer camp. No one can know for sure if your air conditioner survived that. That is the first reason why you might want  your HVAC technician who checked your unit in fall to come back and check it again in the spring.

​If Parts on Your A/C Did Not Survive the Harsh Winter, You Should Know That Now

​By doing the spring maintenance, your technician can uncover parts that were severely damaged by the cold. These parts can be replaced in time for summer. It is best to find that out sooner rather than later so that the technician can fix it before the high heat of summer hits you and leaves you requiring AC system repair.

​You Would Be Surprised by What Takes Shelter in an AC Unit

​All Arctic weather aside, another big reason for having spring maintenance and repairs on your air conditioner is that small animals, like mice, often seek shelter from the cold in A/C units. They will do anything they think will keep the wind and freezing precipitation from hitting them, including crawling inside the outdoor condenser box of the unit. Your technician will find them curled up near anything that is warmer than the air outside, and given the latest winter weather, a refrigeration coil would feel warmer. You will want to have these animals removed to prevent your air conditioner from smelling and working improperly. 

Call Now to Schedule Spring Maintenance

​Call your nearest available HVAC technician to set up spring maintenance. Better still, if your technician from fall maintenance is available, have him or her come do the spring check-up. You can get in ahead of the seasonal rush, which is a good idea in case there are some unseasonably warm days in spring where you might need the A/C.


23 February 2019

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