3 Possible Problems You May Run Into With Your Air Conditioner


Before warmer temperatures arrive, it may help to be familiar with some of the most common problems that you could face with your air conditioner. By being familiar with these problems, what causes them, and the potential remedies, you will know what to look for and when you should call a professional air condition repair technician for expert assistance.

Problem #1: No Cool Air

If you know that your air conditioning system is working but you don't feel any cool air blowing, then there is a good chance that there is a problem with the refrigerant. Refrigerant is what makes sure that the air that blows out of your unit is cool. This is not something that you can check yourself, so give a professional service a call to check the refrigerant levels and perform an in-depth inspection into why your unit is not blowing cold air.

Problem #2: Not Cooling Properly

You unit not blowing cool air and not cooling properly are two completely different things. If your air conditioning system is not cooling properly, check your thermostat. It's true; many people actually have the thermostat set to the wrong setting nine times out of 10 and end up paying a service call fee for no reason. If your thermostat is fine, check the filter. If it is dirty and clogged, this could be the culprit. Clean or replace it. Another issue could be that your system is not properly sized for your home. Call an air conditioning service company to come out to your home and conduct a thorough analysis to determine if the size of your HVAC unit is the cause of your cooling issues.

Problem #3: Fan Isn't Rotating

More often than not, the condenser fan isn't rotating because it has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. However, another issue is that water isn't draining properly or that the drain is restricted somehow. You may be able to determine whether one of these is the problem, and if you can, then you may be able to determine what the culprit is exactly. If you can't, give a professional air conditioning company a call to look into the problem and repair the fan.

No matter what type of air conditioning problem you run into, if you can't fix it yourself, call a professional air conditioning repair service in your local area for assistance.


8 December 2018

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