Capacitor Keeps Failing? Blame It On The Condenser Unit's Compressor


If you live in an area that stays reasonably warm most of the year, you don't want your cooling system to fail. But if you need to replace the capacitor in your outdoor condenser unit repeatedly, you could have a big problem with the compressor. Learn how the compressor affects the capacitor and what you can do about it.

Why Does the Capacitor Keep Failing?

The capacitor is a tin-can shaped apparatus that works similarly to a battery. The part ensures that the fan and the compressor motor inside the unit receives enough electrical power to come on and stay on. But if the capacitor fails repeatedly, the compressor motor may be the reason behind it.

The compressor is the most critical equipment in your entire cooling system. The compressor converts low pressure refrigerant into a super hot gas, then sends it to the condenser coil located on the outside of the unit. Once the coil cools down the refrigerant, it sends it back to the unit inside your house.

If the compressor fails to transfer hot refrigerant to the condenser coil, it can overheat. The excessive heat can force the capacitor to burn out and fail. Eventually, the compressor will fail as well.

Unless you replace the compressor, you'll continue to waste money on new capacitors.

Should You Replace the Compressor?

The first thing you can do is contact an HVAC contractor and have them inspect your compressor. If your compressor is too damaged to repair, a contractor can replace it. Although it's possible to repair a bad compressor, it may be more cost-effective just to replace it. If the compressor isn't strong enough to heat up and transfer refrigerant, it may fail again in the future. Replacing the part now prevents many problems later on.

If a contractor notices other problems with your condenser unit, such as a bad condenser coil or worn out electrical components, it may be in your best interest to replace it altogether. The unit may simply be too old to keep up with your home's cooling needs. A contractor can show you different types of condenser units that may work best for your home. You may also consider replacing your indoor unit at the same time, especially if the unit is the same age as your outdoor unit. 

If you're tired of wasting money on new capacitors, contact an HVAC company like Scott Guerin Heating & Cooling.


24 August 2018

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