How To Handle An A/C Breakdown In Your Vacation Rental Home


Whether you're renting for a few days, a few weeks or even an entire summer, a vacation rental offers a literal home away from home where you can enjoy summer fun. What's less fun is dealing with a broken A/C system during your stay. An unexpected A/C breakdown can be a major annoyance in your own home, but it can turn into a nightmare scenario when you're renting someone else's home.

Fortunately, you won't have to look forward to countless sweaty days and nights as long as you follow the tips and advice listed below.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed

Not only do windows let in sunlight, but they also allow significant amounts of heat to radiate into your home -- not an ideal situation if your A/C system is out of commission. To keep the excess heat at bay, you should keep your vacation rental home's blinds and curtains closed during the intense heat of the day. This is especially important if your rental home's orientation increases the amount of sunlight and solar heat it receives during the day.

Move to the Lowest Level

Since cold air is denser than warm air, it has a tendency to sink whereas warm air rises. As a result, the lowest levels of your vacation rental will feel cooler than its upstairs portions. You can take advantage of this phenomenon by moving temporarily to the ground floor or basement of your rental home until A/C repairs can be made.

Use Portable and Ceiling Fans to Circulate Air

You can salvage what's left of your vacation rental's cool, conditioned air by circulating it with the help of ceiling fans. If your vacation rental lacks ceiling fans, you can use portable fans instead. Fans are not only able to move cool air to places that need it most, but you'll also benefit from the wind chill effect which helps you feel several degrees cooler without an actual decrease in room temperatures.

Consider Buying a Portable Air Conditioner

If you're a long-term vacationer and an A/C repair is still far off, you can get temporary relief through a portable air conditioner. Unlike their window-mounted counterparts, these compact units are designed to be moved from room to room, providing cooling comfort in small spaces. Due to their small size, however, they're not able to keep an entire house cool.

Inform the Manager or Owner

Don't forget to let the property owner or manager know about your A/C breakdown as soon as it happens so they can contact air conditioning maintenance services. In addition to phone or face-to-face contact, it also helps to submit a written request via certified mail for your records. This will also help establish your rights as a tenant under your state's rental statues.   


20 July 2018

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