Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner? Why You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned At The Same Time


If you're going to be having your air conditioner replaced this year, you should consider having the ducts cleaned at the same time. The ductwork in your home can interfere with the efficiency of your air conditioner, whether the unit is brand new or not. To make sure you don't start out with problems with your new air conditioner, it's best to have the ducts cleaned if you're experiencing any of the issues described below.

You Have Exposed Ducts in the Basement

If you have a basement or a crawlspace, you should take a look at the ducts. If you can see the ducts, there's a good chance that your ducts should be cleaned when you install your new air conditioner. This is particularly true if your basement or crawlspace is humid. Excessive moisture can cause mold to grow in your ducts. Unfortunately, that mold growth can lead to unhealthful air quality in your home. If you have exposed ducts in your basement or crawlspace, have them cleaned when you replace your air conditioner.

You Have Multiple Long-Haired Pets

If you have multiple long-haired pets, you probably have a massive accumulation of pet hair and dander in your ducts, especially if you've never cleaned your ducts before. The accumulation of pet hair can render your ducts virtually useless when it comes to keeping the air inside your home clean. That's because all that pet hair is being circulated through your home, up through the filter and back through the ducts on a continual cycle. If the accumulation of pet hair is too thick to clean properly, you should have your ducts replaced when you replace your air conditioner. To prevent the problem from occurring again, be sure to have your new ducts cleaned about once a year.

You Have a Constant Buildup of Dust

If you're like most people, you probably hate to dust your furniture. Unfortunately, if your ducts haven't been cleaned in a while, you're going to be doing a lot of dusting. That's because all the dust that's clogging your ducts is being blown through your house each time you turn your air conditioner on. Unfortunately, all that dust is also filtering back through your air conditioner, which can cause serious problems. If you've got a serious dust problem in your home, you need to have your ducts cleaned when you install your new air conditioner.

You Have Escalating Utility Bills

If you noticed that your energy bills were escalating right before you decided to invest in a new air conditioner, dirty ducts could have been contributing to the problem. Many people think to look to their air conditioner when they're faced with escalating energy bills. However, dirty air ducts can cause bills to rise too. That's because the air conditioner has to work overtime to get air flow through clogged ducts. Now that you're going to have your new air conditioner installed make sure you've taken care of the entire problem by having your ducts cleaned at the same time.

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26 March 2018

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