Two Ways to Prevent HVAC Problems


Some people think that HVAC maintenance should just be left to professionals. Obviously, most of the intense appliance maintenance needs to be handled by licensed contractors. However, there are little things around and connected to your HVAC system that could have an adverse effect on the efficiency of these appliances. Therefore, if these little things are not kept up and maintained, they can ultimately reduce the efficiency of these appliances.

These various components around your house need to be properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis in order to prevent causing actual problems with your HVAC system. This article explains two easy things that homeowners can do right now, without any tools or special training, to help with the efficiency and productivity of both their heating and air conditioning systems.

Cover Your Condenser Unit

One of the most important things to do when it comes to a healthy HVAC system is to cover your condenser unit during the winter. The condenser unit, which most people just call the air conditioner, is outside and exposed to the elements. It can withstand rain and severe weather, but it is obviously going to age quicker if it is not covered when it is not being used.

You don't need to cover your condenser unit when you aren't using it for a couple of days, but you should cover it when you won't be using it for weeks or months at a time. For instance, if you are going out of town for a couple weeks, cover your condenser. Obviously, during the winter, when you won't be using your air conditioning at all for a couple months, you should definitely cover your condenser unit. This is especially true if you live somewhere snowy and cold.

Adjust Your Air Registers

Another important thing you need to do on a regular basis is clean and adjust your air registers properly. That is, every room in your house is going to need a different amount of air. If your air is not properly flowing, your thermostat will not need to be turned so high. You can ensure that your rooms are heated and cooled more evenly by smartly adjusting your registers.

Obviously, these are two simple jobs that don't require any special skills or time commitment. You should get started on them right away so you can experience a more efficient and productive HVAC system. To learn more, contact services such as Smedley & Associates.


5 January 2018

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