Why Your HVAC System Needs Regular Maintenance


Have you recently installed a new HVAC system? Did the installation company give you a maintenance schedule that seems like a waste of time and money to you? While you may be reluctant to give your HVAC company even more money by paying a technician to simply come out and "just look" at your unit, this is actually an important aspect of owning the system. Some of the top reasons for doing this are as follows:

Avoid expensive breakdowns: An HVAC system may start breaking down even before it's apparent that there's anything seriously wrong. For example, you might dismiss a new, faint, rattling noise as being inconsequential. However, this could be a sign that a fan blade is loose or the fan motor needs to be tightened. By ignoring it, the fan could eventually break free or simply burn out, potentially resulting in a costly emergency repair call to your HVAC services company. On the other hand, if you had gotten the rattling noise checked out right away, there would have been no emergency fee tacked on and it may have been just a simple 5-minute adjustment of a couple screws. 

Lower utility bills: An HVAC system that is properly tuned and maintained will have lower utility costs than a system that is ignored until it breaks down. As parts start to wear out or need oil, your HVAC system will need to work harder in order to heat or cool the same amount of air. Working harder and less efficiently means a higher cost for your utility bills. While it may only seem like a little bit at first, the additional costs can snowball relatively quickly to be more than it would have cost to simply call your HVAC services company. Keep your HVAC system in proper running order and you'll save money in the long run.

Longer lasting system: A properly maintained HVAC system can last you for many years, depending on the manufacturer and model. Unfortunately, neglecting your system and leaving worn-out parts in place means that you could be significantly shortening the life of your whole HVAC system. You may think that it may not matter much if you don't replace the parts on the schedule recommended by your HVAC services technician, but failing to replace worn out or broken parts can have a serious impact on the life of your system. It's true that it may not matter much in the short term, but if this neglect winds up halving your system's lifespan, you'll be wishing that you had followed the instructions.

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15 December 2016

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