Common Cooling Problems From A Central Air Conditioning System


Getting a good night of sleep can be a difficult thing to do when you are in a hot house due to a problematic central air conditioning system. When a central air conditioner stops producing cold air, there are a few areas of the system that might be causing the problem to happen. Let's discuss some of the problems that a central air conditioning system might experience in the article below so you can get a general idea of what is possibly wrong with yours. 

There Is a Problematic Thermostat

A thermostat is the main part of a central air conditioner because no air will flow through the system unless it works. One of the things that can go wrong with a thermostat is a short developing in the wires, which can cause the breakers in the electrical panel to trip. If you don't hear any noise coming from your air conditioner when it is one, make sure that the circuit breakers are still on. You should also be sure that you actually turned the thermostat on and that it is set to a cool temperature. Keep in mind that some thermostats are also designed to run off of batteries, so you might need to replace them if necessary.

The System Has an Inadequate Amount of Refrigerant

Refrigerant is another important thing that a central air conditioner must have to create cold air. A refrigerant problem may stem from several things, including:

  • There is a leak
  • The refrigerant is contaminated
  • Not enough refrigerant is in the system

You must seek help from an air conditioner technician to find out what is going on with the refrigerant. If there is a leak present, he or she will have to perform a repair before your system will be able to receive a sufficient amount of refrigerant.

Something is Wrong with the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil to your central air conditioner is what the refrigerant is used for. Basically, refrigerant turns into gas form to make the evaporator coil cold. If the evaporator coil is not clean enough, it can be difficult for the metal to get cold. The coil must be cold in order for air to cool off when it passes through. It is also possible that the coil is damaged and has cracks in it that is causing air to leak out. An air conditioner repair technician can get to the bottom of the cooling problem that your central air conditioner is having in no time.


1 February 2016

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