Three Things Your Hotel Staff Can Do To Prepare The Air Conditioners For Summer Tourist Season


Summer is the biggest travel season of the year next to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Family vacations begin early and continue on past Labor Day weekend. During this time your hotel is undoubtedly stuffed with tourists and travelers. They will be tired, hot and looking for a cool, comfortable place to sleep. While AC service and maintenance is a must, there are some things your hotel staff can do in advance to the annual visit from the HVAC contractor that will also help keep your guests' rooms comfortable.

Clean the Air Conditioners in Each Room

Since AC is rarely turned on in winter (unless you live far, far South), all of the units in your hotel may be covered in a thin layer of dust. Your housekeepers can wipe the dust off once every other week. In so doing, this dust will not be present or circulate the minute a guest turns on the air conditioner.

Check the Controls

Be sure to check the knobs or push button controls on every air conditioner in your hotel. They should all function well and without difficulty. If you have knobs that pop off and will not stay on or button controls that do not activate the air conditioner or effectively change the temperature, your HVAC contractor will want to see these units first when he or she visits. If you need to book these rooms with guests for special events and you cannot get the HVAC contractor in before the room is occupied, be sure to inform the guests that these rooms are temporarily without AC. Additionally, if any of your units are operated by remote control, check the remotes to make sure they are working too.

Replace the Air Filters

Most people do not know or even realize that air conditioners that typically are found in windows or installed in the walls of rooms have air filters. Some even boast HEPA filters for filtering out allergens. Whichever type of air filter is present in your hotel's rooms, your maintenance crew or your housekeepers can remove and replace the filters. The front vents on your AC units has to be removed, and then your staff can locate the old filters. The old filters should pull right out without any difficulty, and the new filters should slide right in. This provides your guests with higher quality air and helps your HVAC contractor skip an annual maintenance step for every machine.

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30 January 2016

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