Geothermal Air Conditioning Repair: Possible Issues & How HVAC Contractors Address Them


Geothermal air conditioning is an excellent way to cool your home and save a lot of money in the long run. This is especially true if you live in the hot and muggy or hot and arid states in the U.S. As a general rule, these systems can last a very long time and do not need annual maintenance like traditional air conditioning systems do. However, if they are not installed properly, or if the parts experience some underground trauma, your system will need some air conditioning repair. Here are some possible issues that could occur with your system and how an HVAC contractor might address them.

Cold Air Circulation Stops after an Earthquake

Californians who have invested in geothermal air conditioning may experience this problem more frequently than other customers due to the number of earthquakes this state has annually. However, other states that experience somewhat dramatic earthquakes may also experience some problems with their geothermal air conditioning units. The first thing an HVAC contractor will do is examine your unit's above-ground components in the basement. If the problem does not exist above ground, the contractor will have to excavate the dirt surrounding and burying your system's "loop", the long coil that extends into the earth to collect the cool air down below. If a problem is uncovered with the loop, then the entire loop may need to be unearthed and repaired or replaced.

Heat Pump Gives Out

Perhaps the most common issue with geothermal air conditioning is the heat pump. This is the component that tends to wear out the fastest because it is constantly hard at work, removing hot air from your home and circulating it down and out through the geothermal unit's underground loop. Living in hot, uncomfortable areas for most of the year force the heat pump to work overtime and eventually causing its earlier-than-expected demise. Whenever possible, try going without your A/C at night or during more tolerable days to prevent this. If you cannot, be prepared to have your HVAC contractor replace the heat pump when it finally goes.

The System Is Very Outdated

Although many of the original geothermal air conditioning systems are still in operation, they are quickly becoming outdated. Newer systems are more and more efficient than their predecessors. Even if your current system is running smoothly, you may want to replace it anyway if it was one of the very first geothermal systems ever installed. This may entail upgrades on certain components, or a total upgrade on the entire system. HVAC contractors like CNR Air Conditioning Inc will know for sure after inspection.


20 January 2016

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