How To Prevent Household Drafts And Save On Your Power Bills This Winter


If it seems like your home is always too cold despite the fact that your electric furnace seems to continually run, then it is time to take a different look at how you heat your home. Some simple ways you can increase the efficiency of your home's heating system are:

  • use a chimney balloon
  • use passive solar heating to warm your home in the daylight
  • keep a clear path for HVAC system airflow

By implementing each of these energy-saving tactics in your home, you can reduce both drafts and your power bills this winter:

Use a Chimney Balloon

Even with its damper closed, your home's chimney will still cause a draft in your house. You can completely block all of the air from traveling up and down the chimney using an inexpensive device known as a chimney balloon. Chimney balloons are made out of vinyl and are inflated just like you would inflate an air mattress for your swimming pool.

Once filled with air, you place the chimney balloon into your fireplace's chimney directly below the damper and it will mold into the shape of the flue and block any unwanted air traveling up or down the chimney. To use your fireplace once again, all you need to do is remove the chimney balloon. You can reinstall the chimney balloon into the chimney when your fireplace has completely cooled from your last fire.

Use Passive Solar Heating to Warm Your Home in the Daylight

The term "passive heating" refers to the ability to help heat your home by using the natural warmth of the sunshine on its windows' glass. You can raise both the light level and the temperature in your home by opening up the blinds and draperies covering those windows that are being bathed in sunlight. When the window coverings area opened, they will allow the heat from the windowpane glass to transfer into your home. By closing the draperies and blinds when the windows are in the shade, you can prevent the passive heat from prematurely leaving your living space.

Keep a Clear Path for HVAC System Airflow

Finally, you need to check all of the heat registers in your home to ensure that there are no obstructions of furniture or dust buildup. Perform a quick check each month or two when you replace your heater's filter. Unobstructed airflow will help your HVAC system work more efficiently and will save you money on your power bills each month because you won't have to excessively heat your home just to warm up cold or drafty areas.

For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc.


18 January 2016

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